Owsley County Historical Society, Inc.

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Booneville, KY 41314

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Owsley County Schools


Picked up in Booneville         $25.00


Mailed – add $3.00 postage  $28.00

Any applicable sales tax included





                             Pictorial Family and History Book


                            Owsley County, Kentucky


                           Picked up in Booneville               $25.00

                                      Mailed in Kentucky                      $27.11

                                      Mailed outside Kentucky              $25.58




                             Fall of The County Store - DVD

                             Produced and donated by Owsley Co. School system employees

                                                $10.00 each







                             Volume 1  =                   $30.00


                             Volume 2  =                   $20.00








          PAST NEWSLETTERS                                       


          Owsley Co. Then & Now                                   $6.00 each







Women of Owsley County, Their Joys and Their Hardships

258 pages containing the stories of 154 women who lived in and helped to form the community we loved.  Includes tributes to mothers and grandmothers.  Shared are the happy moments in their lives, the tragedies, the hardships they endured and the legacy they left behind. 

                   Picked up in Booneville  $20.00

                   Mailed in Kentucky         $22.12

                   Mailed outside KY           $20.87





          Owsley County Recipes – Then and Now

                        Picked up in Booneville          $15.00

                   Mailed in Kentucky                $17.00

                   Mailed outside Kentucky       $16.15






          Noble Pioneer Museum Postcard


            Contact us with quantities desired for price







               Men of Owsley County, Their Dreams and Their Accomplishments

                  Don’t miss out on this latest publication.  The Men of Owsley County

               contains 406 pages and has the stories of 198 men whose lives helped to

               shape the county we know and love.


                                       Picked up in Booneville                               $30.00

                                      Mailed to a location within Kentucky             $33.18

                                      Mailed to a location outside Kentucky           $31.30